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Family Heirloom and Collectables Insurance

My Grandmother was linen and china obsessed! As a child going to Macy's, Buffam's, or even May Company with her, she was happiest when shopping in the housewares department. She didn't shy away from spending good money on quality kitchen items.  I could not be more thankful she did! I respectfully thank her, especially during the holidays or a family sit down dinner. I have so much of her china and my great Grandmother's dishes, and love using them.  With that said, I know the value of family heirlooms and collectibles. Did you know they are not necessarily covered in your homeowner's policy? But don’t despair! There is something called a "Schedule," where you list the valued items one by one on an additional policy. I wouldn't want to lose my precious heirlooms, so I have them covered in a different policy. 

What might you have that is just positively irreplaceable? Think about it and call us to discuss! It’s reasonably priced, invaluable, and offers peace of mind. We are the top-rated insurance agency in San Clemente and know the in’s and out’s of any and all coverages. Don't delay. Grandma would be disappointed to know I didn't care for her favorite things. RIP Grams! 

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