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We Insure Sand Toys Too!

If you have sand toys, such as side by side, razors, sand rails, ATV’s and dirt bikes, then you have landed on a great blog to read. Withers Insurance Services has insured these types of toys for decades. We have not only enjoyed them ourselves, in Glamis CA, Ocotillo Wells, and Johnson Valley.  Playing in the sand is an extreme sport that many love. It’s not a cheap hobby, but it is a ton of fun. Withers Insurance Services is a great agency to place your trust in. We understand the costs associated with having the best sand toys and how it can cost a lot of money to repair them.  When you know, you know! Being insured at the best insurance agency in San Clemente feels good. Click on the link below to learn more about extreme Sand Dune-ing in the Big Dunes of St Anthony Idaho.