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EPLI Insurance

from Withers Insurance Services

California Employment Practices Liability Insurance

You’ve worked hard to build your California business. Unfortunately, hard work doesn’t always ensure success. If a disgruntled former employee sues your company, would you have the protection and resources your company needs in order to stay in business? The right employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) can help.

At Withers Insurance Services, we work with a wide variety of California-based companies to provide valuable insurance options. Our risk-management experts provide extensive assessments in order to match corporate customers with solutions that minimize employee dissatisfaction as well as the company risk EPLI policies for companies of all sizes.

Protection with EPLI

Mistakes and misunderstandings happen. Unfortunately, in the workplace, interpersonal issues can quickly turn into costly litigation. EPLI policies from Withers Insurance Services provide protection from the heavy financial burdens caused by employee-related issues such as

  • Discrimination lawsuits
  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Wrongful termination suits
  • Class-action suits from disgruntled employees
  • Claims regarding breach of employment contract
  • Claims regarding failure to promote or to employ
  • Wrongful disciplinary action suits
  • Negligent evaluation issues
  • Accusations of hostile work environs
  • Claims regarding mismanagement of employee benefits

Employment and human-resources risks extend beyond on-the-job injuries, and EPLI provides protection for your company in the face of such risks.

Education and Prevention Packages

When it comes to employment liability, companies do well to remember the value of prevention. Our risk-management team works with managers, officers and workforces to provide education on sexual harassment and diversity in the workplace. We’ll help you develop a workable plan to make your company a more enjoyable, safe place for you and your employees. Certain education programs can even help lower your company’s insurance premiums.

To learn more, please complete our simple online information form. We’ll get back to you promptly with details on how we can help your business with employee-related liability concerns.