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Preparation for Fire Season

Be Safe Sunday!

While Firefighters👩🚒 are making headway on many of the wildfires 🔥 raging across California (thank you,heroes!) there is no better time to make sure you are prepared🏡.
Swipe ⏪ for fire safety tips for pet owners
Don’t forget the 7 P’s?
➰Papers (birth certificate, deed & titles)
➰Plastic (ID’s credit cards)
➰Photos (can’t replace those)
➰Personal electronics (phone, laptop)
➰Protection (do you have fire coverage, what will your policy replace? How much will it pay you for repair or replacement?
Call Withers Insurance Services ....we sell  the peace of mind you need!
One last tip... it’s a good idea 💡 to upload important information to the “cloud” because you can access the “cloud” lfrom any device!

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