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General Liability Insurance for Businesses

Attention All Business Owners! Times have certainly changed, business isn't exactly what it was before the recent pandemic. We understand that opening the doors is much harder than it used to be and that's why we want to help.  There is no doubt you have had to look at new ways to save money and we think we can do just that for you.  The changes to your business may include a reduction in staff, creating a decline in payroll liability as well as a decline in sales, and inventory. While these are never things we are happy about, let us help you take advantage of saving more money when you can.  Insurance is predicated on all these things mentioned above (plus more) and they can have a significant impact on your insurance business.  Think about a smaller staff means less payroll liability to carry, less work comp to insure as well as inventory to protect.  It makes sense to have us review your policy/policies and move the levers up and down to represent the current situation in your business.