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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

We insure all homes, family home, rental properties, mobile homes, prefabricated homes, summer and winter homes. We insure all types of homes. We even insure homes on wheels only under a recreational vehicle policy, but we do write that insurance as well. Withers Insurance Services is a local insurance agency located in San Clemente, we service clients in Dana Point, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, San Diego, all over Orange County and California. We specialize in high-end homeowners coverage. Let us explain the differences between high value homeowners insurance versus standard homeowners insurance.  

All of our high-value home insurance policies have the standard coverage like all other homeowners insurance policies yet the difference is the option for high valued homeowners insured to add on extras such as a guaranteed replacement cost coverage which is a cash value payout in the event of a total loss. If there was a complete loss not limited to fire or flood, a homeowner might chose to take a cash value payout rather than a repair or replace. This is not an option without a specific add on to the policy. Other extras may be a higher dollar contribution for temporary housing until repairs or replacement might be complete. An example might be a normal hotel per diem of $100 per night on standard policy, to an upgrade of $200 per diem per night plus dining reimbursement. The other add ons might be to cover high valued furniture, jewelry as well as family heirlooms. Typically a homeowner in a home with a value of several million dollars might have more high valued items that would not normally be covered on a standard policy. 

For our discerning clients, we provide harder-to-find insurance options to fill the gaps left by most standard homeowners policies. Our customizable home insurance policies include options for⁣

* Enhanced home replacement coverage⁣
* Scheduled property insurance for antiques, expensive sports equipment, musical instruments and more⁣
* Agreed-value coverage on your home and belongings⁣
* Seasonal home insurance⁣
* Rental home insurance⁣
* Landlord liability insurance⁣
* Vacant dwelling coverage⁣
* Earthquake and landslide insurance⁣
* Flood insurance⁣