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What is a Homeowners Insurance or Auto Insurance Moratorium?

We sure have been hearing more about moratoriums than ever before, some of you have called us asking if and how you may be affected by them. We are your local orange county insurance agency that is well versed in homeowners insurance as well as auto insurance specialists, which moratoriums can be issued for both.  Our intention in writing this article is simply to educate you and offer complete homeowners insurance where needed. 

 A moratorium is when an insurance company stops issuing or updating policies because of an impending disaster. ⁣An impending disaster can be but not limited to a wildfire, flood or hurricane/tornadoes. Thank goodness we don't have hurricanes or tornadoes in San Clemente, Orange County or anywhere here in CA. We are no strangers to wildfires, the floods that usually come after wildfires and Earthquakes. The purpose of a moratorium is to prevent anyone from being evacuated due to fire and calling for more insurance as the fire laps the front steps of your home. Makes sense to us, yet we want to see you covered long before it may be needed. So, If you own a home and you live in the dry foothills of San Clemente, South Orange County or anywhere in the fire zones of CA, it would benefit you to call us today. Withers Insurance Services will review your current policies, access your current risk and then advise on our recommendations for coverage. 

Moratoriums can be can be put in effect for: ⁣

·       Hurricanes⁣
·       Wildfires⁣
·       Earthquakes⁣
·       Riots or civil unrest⁣
·       Floods  ⁣