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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

General Contractors Liability Insurance

What is General Liability Insurance, and why do I need it?  It is usually the first question we get when speaking with businesses. Our answer is pretty simple: "It makes good business sense to be covered."  Without Business Insurance, you are exposed, and all it takes is one incident to reduce your livelihood to zero and close your business down. The second question is usually how much does it cost, and what does it cover? The cost varies on how big the company is, how many employees, etc. We would need to have a conversation to quote you reasonably. But the good news is that the quote is always free. Withers Insurance Services knows the business and commercial Insurance; we are simply the best.  

General Liability Insurance can cover a multitude of topics, such as property damage. Here is an example: if a customer's property is damaged, such as a small fire accidentally caused by an employee of yours, your coverage may pay for a replacement. Bodily Injury is covered under General Liability, excluding an employee while on your property.