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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Commercial-Business Insurance

Attention all business owners, we know how important it is to protect your livelihood. Sometimes you can be unsure of the coverage you should have vs. not.  I mean, you are the expert at your business; we don't expect you also to be an expert on commercial/business insurance. You can leave that up to us. 

Some of the questions we get go something like this:  I have a small business, should have business insurance? What does business insurance cover? How much coverage do I need? How much will it cost me? Do I need to have business insurance if I am working from home⁣?

So many questions, and because each business is different, there isn't a one policy/price fits all. We evaluate your business, such as payroll liability, inventory levels, property coverage and risk, how many company vehicles, nature of the work, property coverage needed, equipment coverage, and much more. We are experts, and we have the best rates and premiums on commercial business insurance, which include General Liability, Business Liability, Professional Liability. Workers Compensation and commercial auto, to name a few,  We do the job and share our knowledge with you. 

If you aren't sure, call us, we will walk you through it! 

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Text: 949.354.6607 (text us to get the ball rolling)⁣