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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Understanding Risk in a Decade of Natural Catastrophes

By Maiclaire Bolton Smith | 2020 In the past 10 years, the U.S. has seen 121 events produce damage in excess of $1 billion. Globally, this escalates with many more events around the world. From major hurricanes and...

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When I Die

Daddy was 81, when he died. This heartbreaking news left us struggling to imagine a world without our father. My sister and I went to clear his home in the retirement community where he lived, just a few days after his...

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Our Clients Love Us!

Our client, Jordan, has been a client with Withers for many years. She is always watching her budget and trying to save money for her first home. She recently bought a new car and was so excited. We were lucky enough to...

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Let our Business take care of your Business!

We have so many fantastic community-oriented businesses as clients that we wanted to tell you all about them. Yoga Studios, keeping us healthy, mentally, and emotionally! Local restaurants, feeding us, keeping us sane...

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Porch Safety: Should You Leave the Lights On?

It seems like a no-brainer to leave the lights on outside your home to deter burglars while you’re away (or even while you’re asleep). But does that really work? Or is it just a waste of electricity - particularly this...

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Contractors Bonds

CONTRACTOR LICENSE BONDS‼️⁣ We write contractors licensing bonds in a matter of minutes with just three things. We would need your Business Name & Address, Date of Birth and your Social Security Number, that's it!...

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Home, Auto, Umbrella and Business Insurance

Being adequately insured in 2021 is all the rage. The big trend is making sure you are guaranteed at a competitive rate. It is imperative to ensure you have the proper coverage in everything you insure. How can one be...

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Most Trusted Insurance Agency in San Clemente

What do you think is most important in an Insurance Agency? Coverage is important, yes! Customer Service is also important. There isn't anything quite as annoying as not being able to speak to an educated agent about...

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